Between the Briefs- Aubrey Malden

Between the Briefs- Aubrey Malden

Preface By John Tylee

former associate editor Campaign Magazine, London.

"When I began writing for Campaign magazine, the London-based weekly bible of the advertising industry, more than a quarter of a century ago, it was still just possible to claim — and many did — that advertising was the most fun you could have while still keeping your clothes on. The outrageously camp creative director of one the UK’s biggest agencies even challenged that popular notion by sending me a Christmas card with a picture of himself lying naked on a sheepskin rug with only a bottle of Bollinger protecting his modesty. I was immensely relieved to discover that I wasn’t the sole recipient of this bit of seasonal goodwill to all men.

"It’s hard to imagine that stories like this — along with the ones that Aubrey Malden has to tell in this book — would be as plentiful today as they were back then. This was a time when advertising could still accommodate exasperating geniuses like Malden’s one-time boss David Ogilvy. A man of compelling but also unswervingly hidebound views, Ogilvy was not a man who tolerated dissent — as Malden’s story about Ogilvy, Paul McCartney and the soundtrack for a World Wildlife Fund commercial hilariously underlines


Preface By John Tylee


Chapter 1 The Early Days

Chapter 2 Fireworks

Chapter 3 The Tractor

Chapter 4 You’re Fired

Chapter 5 Hans Place

Chapter 6 Sally And The Policeman’s Helmet

Chapter 7 Bill Bentley’s

Chapter 8 Tarts & The Brown Envelope

Chapter 9 Kidnapped In Cannes

Chapter 10 Little Hitler

Chapter 11 Sip, When They Sup

Chapter 12 A Knock At The Door

Chapter 13 Dear Prince Charles, We Would Like To Help

Chapter 14 Paul McCartney And The Holy Spook



"I love Malden’s stories... they make me laugh a lot... they are precious... worth preserving."

by John Tylee, Former Associate Editor, Campaign Magazine

"Tarts in Cannes. It's a shocker.."

Mrs Marie Malden, (the Author's mother)

“Very well documented, brilliantly told.”

Wim Van Melick, Ex-Member of the OgilvyOne, Worldwide Board and Director of Training

“These witty and unexpurgated anecdotes reveal what was really going on in advertising agencies.”

Andy Rice, Brand Consultant

“A delightful collection of stories and anecdotes.”

Tony Koenderman, Editor AdReview

"Great, great fun...amazing."

Tamara LePine-Williams, Classic FM

"What an interesting life..."

Gareth Cliff, Cliff Central

Website: http://www.betweenthebriefs.com/

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